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About the Painting - an Artist's view
No. 668
PRICE $2,100.00 unframed
Painting size 400 x 800 - Acrylic on Canvas
Prices include postage within South Africa. 

No 668 - Michelangelo's David    
Michelangelo's David
When I decided to do a painting of this statue, I tried to get as much information as is possible, obviously a lot has been written. I was absolutely amazed at the comments regarding the proportions. All serious artists produce works to the limit of their ability; Michelangelo would have been no different. You can be assured that what he created, was exactly what he intended to create, this man was an artistic genius, the statue a masterpiece. The size of various limbs, would have been for what he considered to be  completely valid reasons; and essential to what he wanted to portray. The world's greatest artist would never have been satisfied with anything less. Remember this is a large statue and it would be viewed looking up, brilliant of him to take that into account, but what else would you expect from the ultimate artist
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