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No. 573
No 573 - Leopard Portrait  
Leopard Portrait  
Of all wild animals Leopards are my favourite.  There are many reasons for this but here are just few.  I have just had second thoughts about this and I'm not going to tell you, because I'm supposed to be telling you about the painting.
This painting was done from a very good photograph.  Much more of the leopard was visible and she was sitting.  I was very pleased with the progress of the painting and as I normally do I put it down to view at a distance.
The eyes were complete (always my starting point) and the nose, well on the way.  In fact I had started putting in the dark markings around the eyes to make them look more realistic,  when this though came to me.  The leopard would look much better if it was painted looking down.  I changed the angles, removed the body and now had a leopard looking down, the face was no longer competing with a body background and was far more visible.  To make a long story a little shorter I spent a long time on this painting, used the maximum skill I possess and completed what I consider to be the best leopard portrait I have ever done.

PRICE $ 580.00
Painting size 190 x 250 mm - Acrylic on Broad
Prices include postage within South Africa. 

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