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No. 641c
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PRICE $ 1,250.00 unframed
Painting size 600 x 800 mm - Acrylic on Canvas Stretcher
Prices include postage within South Africa. 

No 641c -  Panic. Lion Stalking Zebras
Panic. Lion Stalking Zebras
When hunting zebra, lions need all the help they can get, because zebra are very alert animals and move around in groups, this means many pairs of eyes are constantly on the lookout for any signs of danger. In this painting, a male lion was waiting in the bushes, hoping that the zebra would come closer to his ambush spot. The very opposite has happened and they have moved further away, before they are completely out of range he has broken cover and is charging at full speed, they have seen him and are now in a state of panic, running for their lives. It's nice to be an artist, you can create a situation. I like the fact that the zebra are going to escape.
In reality, this male lion is more than likely chasing the zebra to a second ambush position, where three or four lionesses are waiting, I doubt they will be so lucky again. Thank goodness I'm the artist, because we are sticking to the first story.  They escape, and that is that.

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