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No. 586
No. 586 - Persian Cat
Persian Cat
The first time I saw a Persian I got quite a fright. High speed and a collision with a very solid object like a brick wall came to mind, but you soon forget the flat face when you observe the incredible beauty of this animal. I saw them at a cat show and they were groomed to perfection. I thought that it would be great to own one, till my wife pointed out the amount of effort it would require to maintain the look. My enthusiasm took a beating when she asked me if I was going to do the combing and cleaning. Quick as a flash I decided to become a big fan of Persian cats owned and groomed by other people, and I remain the same to this day.

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PRICE $ 390.00 unframed
Painting size 190 x 250 mm - Acrylic on Board
Prices include postage within South Africa. 

Other countries, postage will be quoted obtained for postage or courier as this is excluded in the price.

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