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Display Your Art
If you are an Artist this will interest you

The fact is, the more people that know about you, the more likely you are to succeed.
Every artist understands that.
Most artists also understand that the way to the future, is through internet marketing.
Getting noticed amongst thousands of other web sites, is the biggest problem that most artists face.
Make no mistake it is not easy and there are no quick fixes.
Before I make you any kind of offer, allow me to tell you a little about my web sites and

Many thousands of people visit the sites every month, so they must like them.
I think they are popular, for the following reasons.

        1.        The sites have been around since 2004 in the case of Art and 2008 for Ron
        2.        They are big sites and search engines find them.
        3.        Great web master ( The STIG of web masters )
        4.        Tons of hard work. ( team effort )
        5.        Excellent wife who can take photos.
        6.        The sites are never perfect, you will find mistakes, but I can assure you that they are never boring and that's why I'm proud of them.

If you like the site and would like to be a part of the team, this is what I propose:

        Participants will be limited to five hundred artists.
        The layout will ensure that all the artists get good exposure, there will be links to your personal web site and you will conduct         your own sales, with no commission payable on sales to us.
        The charge for this service will R25 per month, per artist.
        Payable every six months in advance. 
        You submit three pictures of your work for display purposes.
        If you do not have a web site, my webmaster will be able to assist you in this regard, however the transaction will be negotiated directly with him.
Applicants wishing to be included on these web sites will be vetted for suitability by a selection committee and we reserve the right to deny membership to any applicant.      

Debbie le Sueur : Wild Life Artist
Click on Debbie's painting to get an idea of the layout.
Participating Artist

1.  If you wish to be considered, supply us with three images of your work, we will assess you on these images. Once you have been accepted, these images will be used to introduce prospective customers to your own web site.

2. This process will take about a week, which will allow for the back-ground work to take place.

3. Make payment into the following account

Banking details:- First National Bank
Branch code:- 200-912
Account Name:- Upstairs Gallery
Account Number:- 6202-4979-091

and you will be part of the team.

It is essential to have a web site, please see example of artist Debbie le Sueur above for the layout.
Ron Waldeck Art
Tel no: +27 21 853 5776
Cell no: +27 84 420 1970
Address: Strand,  Western Cape