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Here is a example of my painting method, I always start with the eyes and make sure that I get them as good as I possibly can, once I am satisfied that I can do no better, I concentrate on the nose and the area between. I paint a dark base colour in first, because I will go over it with a very fine brush, using a much lighter colour to paint in the individual hairs. There are obviously dark and light areas; I may over paint the same area as many as four or five times to make the fur look realistic.
It might sound a bit tedious, but it is actually very exciting to step back and see the progress. I am never satisfied till I feel that the animal I'm painting has what I call "attitude," it has to be typical. That is the difficult part and when I don't achieve it I throw the painting away.

Leopard Painting in Progress
Leopard Painting in Progress
Finished Leopard  can be viewed here
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